python package that provide networks informations in json/dict format

Informations are collected:
  • network device name
  • mac addr, ip addr, mask, network addr
  • status
  • statistics
  • ifindex, iflink
  • routing table
  • tcp and tcpv6 connexions
  • udp and udpv6 connexions
  • ...

Take a look to the samples informations collected

Version: 0.1.7, python compatibility: Python 2 and Python 3


This script is compatible with Linux OS

how this script work

The script read the '/sys/class/net/' recursively (partialy) and store the collected information in Dict and return the result that can be exploited like json file.

how to install

pip install ifaceinfo

or clone the github repository and work directly with

how to use the class

from ifaceinfo import InterfacesInfos
from ifaceroutes import InterfacesRoutes
from ifaceroutes import TCPConn
from ifaceroutes import UDPConn

ifaces = InterfacesInfos()
ifacesroutes = InterfacesRoutes()
tcpconn = TCPConn()
udpconn = UDPConn()

class documentations

for more informations about the keyword signification read this:

https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/ABI/testing/ - sysfs-class-net - sysfs-class-net-batman-adv - sysfs-class-net-cdc_ncm - sysfs-class-net-grcan - sysfs-class-net-janz-ican3 - sysfs-class-net-mesh - sysfs-class-net-phydev - sysfs-class-net-qmi - sysfs-class-net-queues - sysfs-class-net-statistics